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How not to spend a day in Kyoto

Although one day is not nearly enough to explore Kyoto, sometimes it is all you have to work with. I went to Kyoto this summer as a day trip from Tokyo, and it was a day of errors for me. Unfortunately for me, I did not get the […]

Tourists in Tokyo, Japan

During our trip to Japan this summer, after we left Osaka, we stayed in Tokyo as our base city for the next week. From Tokyo, we took day trips to Kyoto, Nikko, Yokohama, and Fuji. Hotel Our first Tokyo hotel was in the Asakasa neighborhood. I loved the […]

2 Days in Osaka, Japan

Osaka holds a really special place in my heart, and I don’t know why. Even before we got to Japan, I wanted to visit Osaka the most and I knew it would be my favorite. Maybe because it is the food capital of Japan? Maybe because of the […]