About Me

Travel advice and musings about running, good food, love, and daily life from a newlywed who is not very good at anything, but loves to try anyway.


I am always searching for unique experiences.

If I see something new to me, I’m going to try it and post about it here (like dockless bikeshare). Sometimes I may post about what is on my mind or happening in my life that week (like moving apartments). I’m far from fearless… just ask anyone who knows me. However, I try to never let fear stop me. From riding the world’s oldest roller coaster in Denmark to gliding through the world’s longest zip line in the Copper Canyon, I am particularly susceptible to superlatives.

Most of the time, I like to travel as authentic or cheap as possible – so reading my stories may save you some money ;). I get my ideas for my destinations from anywhere and everywhere. Until recently, I avoided tourist hotspots like Paris and London (but living in Geneva made them too affordable to avoid any longer). When I travel, I consider culinary experiences as high as all other experiences – so if I recommend it, you should try it!

However, be warned – I don’t always have favorable opinions on places! I hated Paris.

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