Girls on the Run DC 2nd Annual Fitness Crawl May 19, 2018

You may notice I have been doing several Girls and the Run events- it is a program that I am trying to get more involved with this year and that I am dedicating my upcoming marathon to. You can read my reasons why in my “Running for Charity” post and you can find my fundraiser page for the program here.

The fitness crawl

This past Saturday, May 19, 2018 was the 2nd Annual Girls on the Run DC fitness crawl. A fitness crawl is a lot like a bar crawl… but with fitness classes instead of beer glasses. (see what I did there?)

The cost to participate was $35 and all proceeds went straight to the program – the participating studios did all the classes free of charge.

You signed up and then waited to get your schedule. The maximum participation was 18 per class and we ended up having 5 per class for a total of 15 participants. I was assigned to a rotation – boot camp, barre, and spin class. I convinced my friend to do these three workout classes with me – I told her that there was only 30 minutes for each class… which obviously included 10 minute warmup and 10 minute cool down… so it couldn’t be too intense. After we showed up, however, we learned that they cut out the warm-up and cool down portions of each class so it ended up being pretty intense!

Class 1: Bootcamp at Vida Fitness

Vida fitness was a really posh environment. There was a hair salon in the gym and they even had resistance pools!

As for the workout, it definitely got us sweating. My tomtom watch recorded 211 calories burned in 30 minutes.

Group selfie!!


Class 2: Barre at Barre3

This was my first time at a barre class and it was incredibly different from anything I’ve ever done before. I have a suspicion that what we did wasn’t even techinically barre because we didn’t really use the ballet bar.. but I am not basing that on any actual evidence or research.


It was really high energy and we loved our instructor! Also, the workout looked nothing like what I am doing in the above photos. My watch clocked me at burning 195 calories in 30 minutes.


Class 3: Spin at Zengocycle

Like barre, our spin class was also a high energy experience – it was actually closer to a dance / zumba class than any other spin class I have taken. My watch clocked me at burning 266 calories in 30 minutes

Happy Hour

After we finished all our classes, each group headed over to the Red Light Bar down the road. Not only did Red Light Bar accomodate us, but they also donated appetizers to the group – a very generous establishment.


I really enjoyed this event and I hope to attend more like this! (way better than a bar crawl in my book 😉 )

The DC chapter of Girls on the Run is run by only 5 employees and so they need help getting the word out and recruiting both supporters and funds. I hope to see more people get involved with the program!!

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